Safety Port

Installing the Vml Safety Port between the dispenser filter and filter adapter provides a safe location for permanent installation of a quick connect.

For a long period of time, it was common industry practice for petroleum technicians to install and leave in place a quick connect in the test port of the dispenser shear valve. This allowed technicians to connect testing devices into the line without the hazard of exposing themselves to a pressurized fueling system, resulting in safer, quicker line and leak detector tests. However, leaving a quick connect permanently installed in the shear valve is dangerous. As history has shown, this can create another deadly unprotected flow path. Following a horrific accident, this practice has been terminated and existing quick connects removed in many locations and discouraged in others. Vml has the solution! Installing the Vml Safety Port between the dispenser filter and filter adapter provides a safe location for permanent installation of a quick connect. The safety port also allows filter change‐outs without a blast of pressurized fuel escaping the filter.

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• Cut Operational Costs

- Reduce time to replace filters

• Increase Safety for Petroleum Technicians

- 1st UL approved test point for fueling systems

- No need to test through non-UL approved test port (shear valve)

- No spray from pressurized fuel lines

- No “flying” plugs accessing a test port

• Improve Line and Leak Detector Testing

- Allows more comprehensive test of system

- Faster tests

• Environmental Benefit

- No spray / spillage reduces air and water quality pollution

- Reduces disposal waste and expense of fuel soaked cleanup pads

Reduce Costs

A standard filter change out occurs under pressure and results in a rush of fuel escaping the line. The Safety Port prevents this loss of fuel.

• No wasted fuel means no lost revenue

• No need for absorbent rags to clean up spilled fuel

• No expensive hazardous waste disposal fees

Increase Safety

Petroleum technicians and fueling facility maintenance personnel are exposed to hazardous situations on a regular basis. Installation of the Safety Port is a proactive measure to protect the well-being of technicians, facility personnel, and the public at large.

Faster, Better Testing

The permanently installed quick connect allows a technician to plug into the line and start testing immediately. Commonplace line and leak detector testing practices use the test port of the closed shear valve in the highest (or farthest) dispenser. This method removes the head pressure of the piping in the dispenser, potentially passing a line leak detector that should fail. Testing from the Safety Port increases test accuracy by including the head pressure in the dispenser.

Go Green

The amount of fuel lost during a filter change out is not large. However, think about the cumulative loss from every filter change worldwide. When considered, on a daily basis, this is a substantial release into the environment. The Safety Port provides an ecologically beneficial method to perform safe maintenance on line systems.

Easy Installation

The Safety Port is quickly and easily installed inside the dispenser between the filter and the filter adapter. Permanent installation results in increased return on investment with every filter change.

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