Technician Certification for
LDT-890 or LDT-890\AF Leak Detector Tester

VMI certifies Technicians to ensure that installed equipment provides maximum performance and compliance. We encourage installers and technicians to obtain their individual certifications by utilizing our training materials for operator testing and certification and for equipment installation and field testing services.

Certifications may be required by regulation to obtain construction permits for new sites. Certifications may also be required to perform catastrophic testing of installed Vaporless products to comply with local and state regulatory jurisdictions.

This certification authorizes the holder to use the VMI LDT-890 or LDT-890\AF to perform catastrophic (3 GPH @ 10 PSI) testing of our MLLD and ELLD. This certification is also applicable to any mechanical or electronic line leak detection system insofar as manufacturing guidelines do not exclude this method or equipment for generating catastrophic leaks. This certification is only available to technicians whose companies own a currently calibrated (within the past two years) VMI LDT-890 or LDT-890\AF.

Fees, Policies and Test Reference Material
Technicians seeking certification for “Operation of LDT-890(\AF) Leak Detector Tester for Catastrophic Leak Test” will be charged $125 per certification. VMI will certify up to four (4) technicians per LDT-890(\AF).

Each certification is valid for two years. Certification for Operation of the LDT-890(\AF) is dependent upon a valid LDT-890(\AF) serial number. Also, for us to issue certification for Operation of the LDT-890(\AF), the unit must have been factory recalibrated within the last two years. The charge for factory recalibration of an LDT-890(\AF) is $240 plus freight expense, as long as no repairs are required.

A full policy statement regarding certification can be viewed at "VMI Catastrophic Testing Policy". We encourage you to review the Training Presentations and Reference Material for the test by clicking here.

Testing Process
The certification testing program consists of three steps:
1. Technician Registration Information
2. Technician Certification Test
3. Certification Test Payment

To begin the Technician Certification Testing Process, select the desired test and proceed to fill out all pertinent information. Please note that all Certifications with Waiver will be validated before a Certification document is issued.