LDT-890 | Leak Detector Testing

Leak Detector Test Equipment

The LDT-890\AF is designed for today’s “Bio” fuels. It is recommended for Ethanol and Methanol blends above 20% and Biodiesel blends above 5%. Additionally, the LDT-890\AF will work with many chemical applications, as well as today’s traditional gasolines, diesel and aviation fuels! The LDT-890\AF System eliminates guesswork. In its unique calibration mode, it provides on site verification of leak rate and is capable of simulating leaks between 1 and 5 gal. per hour @ 10 PSI.

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  • Factory Certification for Catastrophic Annual Testing and Troubleshooting
  • Compatible with any fuel: typical gasoline, diesel, kerosene, aviation fuel, alcohol and biodiesel blends up to neat concentrations, and some chemical applications
  • Ensures Regulatory Compliance
  • Saves Time, Builds Profits
  • Any Pipeline System
  • Performs 3 GPH @10 PSI
  • Precision or Functional Test
  • Performs System Diagnostics; Troubleshooting
  • Accurate Viscosity Adjusted Leak Rate

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