OFP-2 | Overfill Protection Valve

Overfill Protection Valve for Above Ground Storage Tanks

Smaller is better. To prove it, Vml offers the OFP-2 series of overfill protection valves. Higher flow rates with less pressure. Compact design allows fit in virtually any spill containment pan. 140 GPM @ 30 PSI: CAUTION: The delivery truck pump must be equipped with a functioning pressure relief valve. Vml recommends not exceeding 30 PSI delivery pressure. The hydraulic shock of an overfill shut-off may damage connecting hoses if excessive pressure is used.One Valve, Any Tank: Product flow into the tank is shut down completely at any tank level desired. The shutdown level is set by suspending the Float Actuated Pilot Valve to the desired level in the tank from the tank top.

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FLOW RATES: Highest in Class


• Gasoline, 100% methanol**, 100% ethanol**, up to 15% MTBE

• Any combination of the above

• #1 or #2 diesel, kerosene, Jet A** or JP-4**, AV Gas**, and Biodiesel**


No matter how well designed, Overfill Protection equipment fails at some point. To date, the only means to test the shutdown function of these valves in the field was to fill the tank above the equipment’s shut-off level. The OFP Functional Test Kit is the answer! Available as an option for new Vml OFP-2 and OFP-3 installations, and available as a retrofit kit for Vml installed equipment. Contact factory or visit our web site for full description and installation instructions.

**When used with Biodiesel over 5%, any alcohol fuel concentration above 20%, Jet A, JP-4 or AV Gas, order part # OFP2- SSVS for stainless steel fittings and stainless-steel vent tubing. For chemical applications other than those listed above, contact factory.

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