High Speed Coupled Receiver

Vml’s High Speed Coupled Receiver is a mining and construction industry standard male dry break. The receiver can be used as a replacement for existing male dry break couplers.

Due to the operation of Vml’s OFP Valve, when fuel reaches the shutdown level of the tank, pressure builds within the shutdown valve rather than the tank. This prevents the potential for bulging or ruptured tanks, without the prohibitive cost of other non- pressurized high-speed filling systems.

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VmI Hydraulic Hammer Prevention System

Hydraulic Hammer beating up your fueling equipment?

VmI’s OFP method of operation eliminates the hydraulic hammering effect that comes from overfill protection valves opening and closing due to fast turbulent filling (waves inside the tank). However, if the shutdown level is reached, and the flow rate or delivery pressure is high, the hydraulic hammer can burst hoses, damage valves, or even damage fill pumps. Every component from the overfill valve back to the delivery pump endures significant pressure spikes when the receiver stops flow into the tank. VmI can provide a means of protecting and extending the service life of these components. The VmI Hydraulic Hammer Preventer (OFP-HHP) will close the VmI Overfill Prevention Valve gradually, over 10 - 20 seconds, rather than immediately. This gradual shutdown provides an industry exclusive system that protects every fueling component from pump to tank from hydraulic hammer. Ask VmI how to protect your plumbing and pumping system.

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