Automatic Repressurization Module

Automatically Repressurize! Eliminate Downtime! Be Ready to Sell Fuel!

Vml ARM-4073 Automatic Repressurization Module eliminates vapor-pocket formation! Dispenser slow flow problems caused by extreme thermal contraction, long pipe runs, and flexible pipe are automatically compensated for! The ARM-4073 automatically repressurizes lines, preventing false alarms.

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New! Externally mounted bypass switch allows ARM-4073 to be bypassed for annual testing and during(seasonal) periods when repressurization is not needed.

• Works with any 99 LD-2000 or 99 LD-3000 Vml leak detector
• All submersibles
• Compensates for fixed solenoid delays
• Automatic repressurization at daily start-up

All fuel delivery systems are affected by thermal contraction. Thermal contraction of fuel in a pipe system results in the loss of line pressure. In extreme conditions this can occur in a matter of minutes. Pressure loss results in the resetting of mechanical leak detectors to their slow flow position. For a leak detector to step through to itsfull flow position, the pipe must be repressurized. The repressurization of the line must occur while the leak detector is in a slow-flow / leak search position to assure EPA hourly line leak detection. When repressurized in this manner, the leak detector will differentiate between leaks above the EPA threshold and thermal contraction. An appropriate amount of time must pass to allow the leak detector to reset if a leak is present. During installation, this time is determined by taking a bleed-back (resiliency) measurement of the pipe. Using a table supplied in the installation instructions, the technician sets the appropriate delay time between repressurization cycles. By cycling the submersible pump in this manner, the line stays pressurized, slow flow is avoided and line leaks are identified. During the repressurization cycle, the ARM-4073 allows control of the submersible pump run time, 30 seconds or 70 seconds. Easy Installation! Installation setup to meet site conditions! Works with Vml 99 LD-2000 or 99 LD-3000 mechanical leak detectors - Does not interfere with the operation of these Vml leak detectors

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