99 LD-2000 | Mechanical Line Leak Detector

Highest Performance, Most Requested Mechanical Line Leak Detector Built Today!

The 99 LD-2000 is the most requested mechanical line leak detector built today. New engineering and the Vml 2-year warranty (after installation) make the 99 LD-2000 more attractive to station operators today than ever before. Not only is the 99 LD-2000 less expensive to own, it is faster and less subject to field and line variables than ever before! Integrated In-Line Check Valve / Pressure Relief A leaking check valve in the turbine, defective submersible pump pressure relief, or a defective bypass valve will allow the line system to depressurize, resetting the leak detector.

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Drain- back into the tank and thermal contraction will cause vapor pockets to form. Vapor pockets increase the length of time it takes for a leak detector to open to full flow. Pump problems such as these result in slow flow and technical support calls. The resulting service costs and customer dissatisfaction all take away from the bottom line - making money. The 99 LD-2000 Is the Only 2” Mechanical Line Leak Detector Capable of Holding Line Pressure After the Pump Is Off, Even with Pump Component Wear or Failure. In addition to the previously described submersible pump problems encountered without an in-line check valve, the metering portion of the leak detector is hammered by hydraulic shock. This results in leaks going undetected. Those leak detectors are just not equipped for the job you purchased them for. The 99 LD-2000 is the answer you have been looking for. Vml leak detectors, with an integrated check valve and pressure relief valve, will save money, reduce customer frustration at the dispenser and reduce service calls.

• Any Fuel* - Alcohols, Biodiesel, Aviation, Gasoline, Diesel

• Any Pump* • Electronic Interface Available • Longest Length Pipeline System*

• Largest Volume Pipeline System*

• Integrated Check Valve / Pressure Relief  

• Field Adjustable Leak Threshold

• Now Available! Factory Certifications for Installation and Annual Testing**

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