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Model 300-P Sump Certification Test Fees

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Sump Tester Certification for Software Version 3xx Testing Fees

The VmI  Model 300-P certification fee is $125.  Per certification fee, one test and retest is incluced. Each additional retest is 1/2 the original test fee.

Certification for two technicians is included with the purchase of each Vm Model 300-P Sump Tester. Testing fees will be waived for the two technicians when testing is completed within six months from delivery of purchased equipment.

Vaporless will certify up to four technician per Vm Model 300-P Sump Tester.

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Fees and Policies

Each certification is valid for two years. Certification for the "Operation of the VMI Model 300-P Sump Tester" is dependent upon a valid VmI Model 300-P Sump Tester serial number. Also, for VmI to issue certification for the Operation of the VmI Model 300-P Sump Tester, the unit must have been factory recalibrated within the last two years. The charge for factory recalibration of a VmI Model 300-P Sump Tester is $227 plus freight expense, as long as no repairs are required. 

Certification for the "Operation of VmI Model 300-P Sump Tester", is valid only for testing performed with the Model 300-P Sump Tester.

Upon successful completion of the test, certification will be issured to the technician and posted on our web site. The technician certification is valid for the company noted on the certification.

If you have not completed the Model 300-P Sump Tester Registration Form, please do so. Fax to 928-775-5309 or mail to Vaporless Manufacturing, Inc., 8700 E. Long Mesa Drive, Prescott Valley, AZ 86314.  (CLICK HERE to get form)
Please follow the link below:
Please Note: The Model 300-P test is being updated. The link is currently disabled. If you require certification before the test is available, please call Vaporless at 800-367-0185

Model 300-P Certificate
Vaporless Certifies Technicians to ensure that installed Vmequipment provices maximum performance and compliance

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